Make your own Keurig cups


I’m sure someone much smarter than me has already figured this out, but I had a dilemma. I LOVE my Keurig, but they don’t sell my favorite coffee in K cups yet, so…


I had to take matters into my own hands and create my own. I’ve used the adapter thing, and my coffee wasn’t strong enough, so on to Plan B. Start by taking a used Keurig cup…


peel the foil completely off and clean out the used coffee. Now you have this.


Refill with your favorite coffee and top with a sheet of foil that’s about 2-ish x 2-ish. Cut a bunch of these at one time to make refills faster.



Stock up your supply and…


save all of these K cups you currently have


Another bonus is the money you save. I’ve gotten around 30 K cups out of a pound of coffee. At my Walmart a pack of 18 K cups is around $12.00 and a pound of coffee is $10.00. I’m almost getting double the K cups for $10.00. Ol’ Blue Eyes will love me for this. Wait, maybe I won’t tell him the savings and use the money saved to buy more art supplies or photography gear. Now that’s a plan!


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