Curtain Panel into Art

Yesterday, I showed you my new and improved bedroom. I like to decorate on the cheap, so I made the wall art that hangs above my bed. It was quick, easy and it brought the curtain pattern over to the wall which (in my opinion) glues the look all together. Here’s alittle tutorial if you are wanting to do something similar.

First, iron your extra panel to get all the wrinkles out. Then, lay your fabric out and smooth it straight.


In the canvas section, you can buy these wooden frames. They are sold for those who like to stretch their own canvas, but they are cheap (like $.99 – $3.99 each) and will make our frame for us. Plus they are mitered and have edges that are made to fit together snugly, making our frame building not only cheap, but easy.

Assemble your frame. I have a king size bed, so I bought 2-30 inch pieces and 2- 40 inch pieces.


Now cut our fabric on all sides about 2 inches from the frame. I use my (very dirty) self-healing mat and rotary cutter for this. It makes this quick and easy.


Done! Now I’m ready to stretch and staple!


Simply staple your fabric onto the frame. Corners are no problem if you think of it like wrapping a present.


Fold in your corner.


Staple top piece down first…


Then staple bottom angled piece up.


Be sure you are gently pulling the fabric taut when you are stapling the last two sides.


Easy, pretty and simple….


and beautiful above my bed.



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