Easy Flower Arrangement


Another quick-easy-cheap decorating tip is to make your own flower arrangements.Store bought arrangements seem to be grossly overpriced and making your own could not be more simple. Here I bought a new container (this if half the battle), a small brick of foam that fit my container (you can buy bigger bricks and cut your own to fit, but this was easiest), and a bunch of flowers. I always look at the bunches of flowers because:
A. They are usually cheaper than the individuals.
B. I can usually find them half off or use a 40% off coupon on them.
C. They have different heights making them easy to arrange in a container.


First, cut your foam to fit your container. Mine fit snugly, but if yours doesn’t, and little dab of hot glue will keep it secure in your container.


Next, using wire cutters, cut all of the flowers off the bunch along with the leaves.


Begin by finding your longest flowers first.


I had three, so I place those like milk stool legs in my container. Before you stick any flowers in the foam, you can cover your foam with spanish moss, but I had plenty of leaves to cover the foam brick and knew I wasn’t going to need it.


Now begin to add more flowers and the leaves as filler. (Please excuse the messy desk reflected in the mirror. There’s creative genius happening in here. Creative genius = messy desk.)


And before long, you’ll have a quick, easy pop of color for your room!



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