Punks Just Want to Have Fun


It’s Spring Break and these punks are looking for something to do because…


this fella came to town.

It started as a dinner and movie night with friends, but they got bored. That’s when I suggested this. You read that right. (I went out of my mind for a moment and) I suggested this.


Of course they were loading into my truck before I could say “Cadillac Ranch.”


I may mention here that these pictures may contain foul language spray painted on the cars, but it is not my fault.  I may also mention here that my beloved just left the house while I’m typing this post and he took my Diet Dr. Pepper with him. A man should never mess with a woman’s Diet Dr. Pepper.

Moving on… things were alittle crazy…


and alittle fumy. I just realized fumy is a word.


I may also mention here that they ate my stash of Blow-Pops in my truck. It’s a good thing I kinda like all of them.


My punk… he climbed. See that red paint behind him? He brought that home on his pants. Wasn’t that thoughtful?


He’s a diligent little Picasso.


There were a few cans of spray paint out there. We brought our own, but if you ever stop at this tourist attraction off of I-40, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll probably find a few cans laying around. Just a few.


These punks… they make me smile.




They call themselves “The Crew.” I call them “The Big Bang Theory in Amarillo.” They don’t think I’m funny. Personally, I thought I was a tad on the brilliant side, but whatever.


Besides, Moms just want to have too.



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