My Choir Boy


This boy has been singing in Latin for the past several weeks. Bustling around in the mornings, scooting down the sidewalk on his skateboard, in the shower, and randomly walking grandly toward me with arms outstretched while I’m cooking in the kitchen or sitting in my recliner. I’ve loved every minute of it.  I love music. It doesn’t matter that I can only vaguely make out what he is singing (despite my three years of Latin). Music is a universal language, and I am all shining eyes when he sings to me.


The boys choir sang Tollite Hostias – Camille Saint-Saens. Thanks to my endlessly useful Google skills, this is what they sing.

“Tollite hostias, et adorate Dominum in atrio sancto ejus. Laetentur coeli, et exultet terra a facie Domini, quoniam venit. Alleluia.”
It is a biblical passage, Psalm 95 (96):9-13.
“Bring offerings and worship the Lord in his holy habitation. Let the heavens rejoice and the earth exult in the presence of the Lord, for he comes. Hallelujah.”


For your enjoyment. It’s beautiful.


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