Warwick Castle


A Medieval Castle in Warwickshire, England, Warwick Castle sits on the River Avon. The castle was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror. Warwick Castle was used as a fortification until 1759 when it was converted to a country home by Sir Fulke Greville and was occupied by his family until 1978.


All around the castle are memorabilia and actors living out life of the time.


Castle fact:  Rusted armor would be polished with leather and powdered pumice to achieve a bright and smooth surface.


Castle fact: Herb gardens were grown in monasteries and large households and offered benefits in both medicine and cooking. For example, the ingredient used for claret and cider, Borage, was also used to treat fevers.


Some of the actors were having a tad more fun than others. (see below)


Castle fact: Entertainment was almost exclusively reserved for the upper class minority during mediaeval times.  They would enjoy noisy games and shows such as wrestling, hockey and golf.

IMG_3338Castle fact: During battle, one of the men would be nominated as “retriever”to pick up and undamaged arrows from the ground for re-use.


Castle fact: The rhyme: “Ring a ring of roses, A pocket full of posies, Atishoo, Atishoo, We all fall down.” depicts the symptoms of the Black Death. Sneezing was an early symptom of the disease.


Castle fact: During medieval times, plates known as “Trenchers” would be cut from stale loaves of bread and used during feasts.


Below is what is known as Ethelfleda’s Mound. Ethelfleda was the daughter of Alfred the Great and with Danish invaders threatening, Ethelfleda ordered the building of the fortification around 914, then William the Conqueror ordered the first castle be built.


Enjoying a view from the top.


Castle fact: The Castle’s main residents, aside from the Earl and his family, included the jester, the constable, the farrier, the butler, the guard, the farmer, and let’s not forget the tortured prisoners suffering in the Gaol.


Below is a view of St. Mary’s Church which is the final resting place of many of the Earl’s of Warwick .



Castle fact: Minstrels who played stringed instruments would sometimes be paid in strings because they were made from metal and were very expensive.



Gross Castle fact: Urine was used to preserve tapestries to stop the natural colors from running. Men were even paid to drink large quantities of beer so that an adequate supply was available.


Another gross Castle fact: There is an ancient connection between the mills and eels and the mill at the castle was no exception. It has its own trap and the eels were caught and served to the guests of the Earl and Countess. (So glad I was never a guest.)


Now for a quick peek inside the Castle.


There were wax statues in the the rooms to give a view into daily castle life…


but after awhile…


in a dark Castle… it gets…


a little creepy…


so my beloved had to get out of there…


as quickly as possible (before he freaked out)…


but he was kinda sorta trapped…


but he got out of there as soon as that little tour was over and didn’t go back in any other part of the castle again.


There was so much more that he didn’t get to see at the castle, but this was his last stop that day after visiting Shakespeare’s home, Anne Hathaway’s home and Mary Arden’s farm, and he was running short on time. That just means that he needs to take me back there so we can spend the day there. Don’t you agree?

Next up: My Beloved heads to Oxford University to attend an academy (thus the whole reason of his trip without me, shame, shame). On his last day of the academy, his class takes a tour of Oxford.


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