Road trip


Last week we took a road trip all the way from Texas to California.


I must say that I enjoyed the driving… er… riding and taking photos and reading…


in between matter-of-factly-stating…


“Quit hitting your brother! Don’t call your brother a jerk! We don’t say ho. Keep your hands to yourselves! It’s your brother’s turn to play Xbox. Both of you knock it off. We will be there in 6 hours, 5 hours. It takes two to make a fight. 4 hours. Be nice! 3 hours. It’s both of your fault! We’re almost there… 2 hours… Turn the Xbox off if you can’t get along! 1 more hour! 45 minutes! He’s not acting like a girl, you’re being mean. 30 minutes! 15 more minutes! Can you believe it’s only 70 outside? I see water! Praise the Lord we’re here!”


But believe it or not, overall my punks are good travelers.


And we saw alot of cactus and desert and a mustang on our drive.


We stopped to see Ol’ Blue Eyes Grandmother’s brothers grave. I told you he’s been doing this stuff. Well, we found another relative. He really loved his grandmother. She refused to be called grandmother. She had to be called Genny. She once owned a still and secretly had it in a neighbors garage. That garage blew up, so then everyone found out about her still. I think we didn’t know all there is to know about her…


but anyways, this is her brother grave. He didn’t have any children, but here we are. No one is ever really forgotten, are they?


My punks were enjoying their freedom from the truck.


But big brother always handles the situation by overpowering with his strength. *sigh*


I may have informed Ol’ Blue Eyes at this point that it would be nice for me to go out of town by myself and that all this testosterone that I am subjected to can get weary sometimes.


He just pats my leg and says “Hey!” to make me look…


*sigh* my case in point…


San Diego County! “Praise God from whom all blessings flow…”




Hills… not something I see everyday… mesa’s maybe, but no hills around these parts!


Petco Park and across the street, our hotel!!!


We step out of the car, and see the bay.


Glory, glory, hallelujah!


Time to settle in for the week and map out our visits to Coronado, Balboa Park, the zoo, La  Jolla, etc.



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