La Jolla Beach, California


Our last night in San Diego, we headed over to La Jolla Cove.


It was quickly becoming the golden hour and the tide was slowly pushing its way in.


I was alittle nervous with my punks there on the rocks…


but nature would soon teach them a lesson.


Then they decided to be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and orchestrate the waves…




The seals are just fun to watch. They bark, nip, fight for rock space to sun themselves, poise themselves, fight for dominance positions and swim with  people who are swimming in the ocean.


We were all just mesmerized watching the waves crash along the rocks. That sound is one I hope to remember forever.


Kissing seals!


This is my youngest punk. Doesn’t he look like he belongs in California? He loves all there is to do here and begged me to rent him a wet suit and surf board for the hour left of light. He wanted to snorkel. He wanted to swim with the seals. He wanted to surf. When this didn’t happen, he was all over the rocks giving me panic attacks every 3 seconds.


Here they are, orchestrating the waves again.


But the waves are getting closer and not listening to their command!


But my youngest, always to the edge on adventure, just has to test mother nature and go closer to the edge. More people gather on the rocks, which only encourages him. In the meantime, I have no fingernails left.




Enough is enough! Get up here and watch the sunset!


My oldest took this picture of Ol’ Blue  Eyes and I.


I tried a slow shutter speed on this one. Kind of cool.


Sunset with two body surfers in the water. *sigh*


And if you missed this video before, here’s a little video of sunset from the beach with the two body surfers and then a seal who comes in swimming from the right side of the screen. Next time we go to San Diego, we will definitely be spending more time in La Jolla.

La Jolla

One thought on “La Jolla Beach, California

  1. Oh such beautiful photos, made me feel I was almost there feeling the surf splash on my face. LOVED the photo of you and hubby together!

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