Who is My Punks Mom?

I have a photography blog called Punk Photography.

I was born a yankee, but I married a Texan and he’s kept me here ever since.  I’m the sweetheart of Ol’ Blue Eyes.   I’m a mother of boys.

I love photography, cooking, writing, sewing, watercolors and doodles.  I love yoga, kitchen gadgets, jewelry, singing, travel and to write poetry.

I have the amazing ability to have entire conversations in song lyrics and/or movie lines… it’s a gift.

I miss trees and rain.  I love my punks and Ol’ Blue Eyes.

I’m sorting some things out in my life desiring authenticity and finding gratitude.  This is my journey.

Leave a comment or two or five and you’ll make my day.

I’m Kelly, aka My Punks Mom, and I’m glad you’re here.