Original title, I know. I’m original like that, you know?

Just a few thoughts of gratitude from yesterday.


No matter how busy I am, when my punks are sick, they ALWAYS have the comfort of Cisco.


I haven’t been able to do anything else to this painting. I’m liking the simplicity of it for now. Maybe that means that flying isn’t so complicated…

Living in the light

While I was painting in my studio yesterday, I caught my shadow on the wall. I decided it was a literal reminder to live in the light. So when you see your shadow, just remember, “I live in the light.” (I know, I’m weird… and original.)

Happy Mail

To top off my gratitude list, I got happy mail yesterday. What makes me happy about this is not so much the flash itself, but my online photography friends who will be doing the flash class with me. I love these girls so much. Truly love them. They rock! I just wish we all lived closer, or that we all had unlimited funds to get together for some photography trips… like once a month or something. (Sigh) A girl can always dream!

Grateful Mom and Grateful Photog friend to the most awesome SOAGL gals

What a life


Seriously, this is all he does.  Sleep and look cuddly.


And my punks can’t resist him looking so cuddly.


They apparently can’t resist wrestling with each other either.


And despite all their nonsense, he doesn’t ever budge.  He just lays there calm and watches them.


Without a care in the world. 


And only perks up to happily lick the remnants of tonights snack off my punks hand.


And with a deep sigh, he’s back to this.


What a life!  Who wouldn’t want this life?

Our morning routine

This is the scene every morning.

There goes my youngest punk, off to school.


Now he’s behind the column and Cisco always turns to me..

Mama?  Where is he going?  Is he really leaving us?


Yes Cisco, he has to go to school.


There he is again!  Maybe he will come right back (and smell my stinky breath).


And so, he stands there… watching and waiting…


And then lays there… watching and waiting until I can no longer stand the poor sight, so I shut the door and play catch with him.  If I don’t do that, then he sadly walks around the house and I find him laying up on my punks bed, checking the window from time to time to see if he’s coming home yet.


This may be pitiful, but this is our morning routine.