Rewards Await You


I had sketched a Christmas cupcake in my journal a few months ago, so I decided I needed to sketch a Spring cupcake as well.


I am journaling in a book off my shelf, Honor’s Reward by John Bevere. I hope John doesn’t mind.


I’m enjoying integrating the chapter titles into my work, and it seemed a cupcake was fitting here… although I don’t think this is what John had in mind.


Oh well. It works for me.


“A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward.” ~William Bennett

So true.


An old board book into art

Hey, have I ever mentioned that I love art? I didn’t think so…


I recently went to the thrift store and bought a handful of old children’s board books.


Then I came home and put gesso all over it.


Then I decided to paint and decorate the background so I could make a pretty book.


Here I used some modeling paste and a doily to make a cute pattern and dimension.



Isn’t that so pretty!


Here’s alittle peek into my book. It’s My Promise Book, filled with a few promises I’ve made to myself.


I love upcycling things and taking trash to treasure. Especially when it’s meaningful.

I made a bracelet

I know, this isn’t really exciting… and besides that, I have no idea how to make jewelry, but I wandered into the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby during a sale and decided to try my hand at it.


I wanted to make a bracelet that said “Brave Girl” because I’ve been doing the Soul Restoration Art Journaling Class over at Brave Girls Club.

Here’s what I did (and it could be all wrong, but it worked for me).

You’ll need a bezzel bracelet, Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, a craft knife, scissors, pen, rub on letters and some scrapbook paper.


Begin by cutting scrapbook paper to fit your bezzel. Use this as a template.


On the opposite side of your paper, draw the circles for you to cut out.


Cut out all circles.


Now grab a rub on letter for each bezzel.


Apply the rub ons.


Insert into bezzel.


Almost there!


Slowly apply Modge Podge Dimensional Magic. I got a few air bubbles, but I popped them with my craft knife.


Dimensional Magic looks cloudy when it is first applied, but no worries, it will dry clear.


Set aside your bracelet and let dry 24 hours.


Ta da!  Now you have a beautiful bracelet!

Next, wear the bracelet to the dentist’s office for your filling and remember that you are a brave girl. *sigh* I hate going to the dentist. Send me some good thoughts and prayers today, please!

Homemade Valentines


I looked at the Valentine cards this year, and couldn’t find any that I liked for my punks and Ol’ Blue Eyes, so I decided to make my own.  I’ve been sick and trying to get well.  I don’t know how long this fatigue after having the flu will last… but I’m over it… only, it’s apparently not over me because I’m still zapped no matter how much rest I get.


To get myself out of this rut, I thought making some homemade Valentines was the perfect, simple thing… plus, I get to take pictures as well… which is, of course, a love of mine.

So, here’s a quick tutorial for you to make some homemade Valentines of your own.

Start with any thick paper you have.  Cardstock is great.  I used this, but use what you have (because I believe crafting should be cheap, not expensive).


Cut that paper in half and then fold in half, like so.


Next, I dug into my fabric scraps and found some red and pink scraps.


Using pinking shears, I cut out hearts that would fit onto my cards.


Next, I took them to my sewing machine and using my embroidery foot, I free sewed these onto the cards.




It’s that easy!  Now, I’m off to write all my Valentines a love note inside their handmade cards, and my then Valentines will be complete!


Here’s to hoping your tomorrow is a …

H A P P Y   V A L E N T I N E ‘ S   D A Y ! ! !