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Do you know Slender Man

Well, do you?
It’s the game that big brothers tell their little brothers about so they lay in bed tormented and can’t sleep at night.
It’s the game that keeps the parental units up at night because one of their punks can’t settle himself.
It’s the game that despite being scared out of his mind/screaming from the other room, he cannot keep himself from playing it.
It’s the game that makes little brothers dress up like Slender Man with  the help of their parental units and hide behind corners and try to freak out their older brothers.

Untitled Because that’s what older brothers get when they tell their little brothers about a sleep deprivation game like Slender Man.

My parenting philosophy

Just like you, I love my kids. And just like me, they are not perfect. And just like me, they have have those things about their personalities that can drive anyone crazy. But a long time ago, I decided that instead of squelching the things that irritated me, I would realize that God put those qualities in my kids for a reason and that quite possibly that reason would help them achieve their story or their purpose. I am tired of conformity. You know why? Because I’ve never felt comfortable conforming. I’m a creative… and truth be told… we really don’t conform… and that’s ok. You know what else? Deep down, I think EVERYONE is creative and when we stifle that we get very unhappy and make some stupid choices. So, revel in who you are. Revel in who your kids are and remember, they have a purpose and an imagination and a story all their own that may look very different than what you have in mind and that just may be ok. Actually, it will have to be ok, because with or without your consent, they will walk into their own free will and choose their path, just like you did. And you know what? You turned out just fine, didn’t you?


I have become a swimmer

But there is something you should know.  I hate to work out and I hate to sweat.  I have a hip issue… a shoulder issue… a back issue… and a lung issue (as in “heaven help me I cannot breathe and I’m going to die”). So because of my issues, I don’t like to work out. I’m averse to pain that way. On the flip side of things, I have a back fat issue, my thighs touch issue, a belly issue, and an emerging double chin issue. Something had to be done.

I realize I still have alot to learn, but here are some things that have worked for me as I’ve started this journey.

#1 Just get in the water. People of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels swim laps. It’s for everyone. People aren’t there because they are in shape (well, some are). They are there to get in shape or maintain their fitness, so “Go you!”

#2 A good pair of goggles, ear plugs and a swim cap are great to have. Goggles are a must. Ear plugs help keep the water out of your ear (which I was having a big problem with), and a swim cap keeps my hair out of my face (even though I feel and look like a dork).

#3 Use swim props. A kick board is great and I bought my own pull buoy to get a burning arm workout. I actually love my pull buoy and usually start my laps by using this.

#4 Sit in the hot tub for a few minutes after your swim. Soothe your muscles, relax and give yourself a pat on the back! Yay you!

#5 Get one of those hang up bags for your toiletries. A well spent $10 at Walmart. It’s so easy to grab a shower after your swim and to have all your stuff in a hang up bag on your shower door is so quick and convenient.

#6 Don’t forget your underwear! Not that this has happened to me (cough, cough). Who wants to leave the gym commando style? Wouldn’t THAT be embarrassing! (Ahem)

#7 Keep some sort of protein bar and water bottle in your bag. After I swim, I am famished.  Nibbling on a Clif bar helps bring back some energy and not feel wiped out.

At my pool, 36 laps is a mile. That has been my goal 3-4 times a week for over a month now. It used to take me alittle over an hour. 5 weeks later I’ve cut it down to 45 minutes and every day I try to beat my time just alittle more. For me, small goals are best. I’m only in competition with myself.

My punks have been beside me the whole way. Two weeks ago, Ol’ Blue Eyes decided to join us. They are my biggest encouragers and push me beyond what I think I can do… and I end up doing it because they believe in me. Isn’t it amazing what we can do when the ones we love most believe we can?


Taos Sunset and a Storm


We recently made a trip to Taos, Red River and Santa Fe. One night as we were headed back to Taos, a storm was approaching as the sun was setting. The light was amazing. The play of darkness and light was so dramatic and beautiful. I don’t know that any camera can ever really catch what my eyes were soaking in, but I did my best.