Someone please tell me why

This is a random post; however, this is a peek into the past year of my life and why I question the universe at times.  There are some things I just don’t understand.  Let’s start off simple.


Why can no one throw away empty boxes left in the refrigerator or pantry, or for that matter, change a toilet paper roll?


Why is my dog  dressed as Princess Leia?


Why does Ol’ Blue Eyes have to go out of town to cool places (literally) without me?


Why (pray tell) do I play around in Photoshop and come up with these kinds of things (and why in the world do I post them here?)?


Why would McDonald’s ever think this creepy clown cow was ok?


Why does Ol’ Blue Eyes text me this to let me know where he is in the store?


Why does my son never tire of  making paper guns?


Why can’t Universal Studios either give up the recipe to Butter Beer, or mass produce it for everyone’s pleasure?


Why do we have to live so far away from some of our family?


Why is my son staring down an Egyptian statue in The British Museum when he’s supposed to be reading and learning?  And finally…


When seeing King Henry VIII armor in the Tower of London, one must ask himself, “Was this really necessary?”


Seven is too old

On the same day my oldest punk turned fourteen, this cute, little fella had a birthday too.


Cisco turned seven years old.  Forty-nine in dog years.

He turned gray this year around his eyes and nose.  He is the sweetest, most mellow and gentle dog I’ve ever known.

We love and adore him, can you tell?

We got him a bone.  A birthday bone.


He is out in the backyard right now enjoying it all by himself.

His tail is wagging mindlessly.

All is right in the world… but not for Batgirl.

Batgirl is not happy.  Batgirl is confused.  Batgirl is wondering what in the Sam-heck is going on around here!

Who is Batgirl you ask?


Daisy is Batgirl.

Daisy keeps giving me the stink eye.

Do you see it?

How about this?


I see it, and it’s called givin the stink-eye!

She wants to know where her bone is.

“Mama?  I know you got me one!  Hand it over!”

Ok, fine!

I’m such a sucker.


Suckered mom who easily gives into 2 punks with blue eyes and 2 furry punks with brown eyes

When Ol Blue Eyes is out of town


Over here in punkland, the skateboard excitement has not stopped.


All that is dreamed about is trying to do an Ollie.

Yes, I did have to Google the spelling.


I have picture after picture of this same trick… over and over… again and again… day in, day out.

Are you getting me over here?

To get my punk to quit neglecting his sweet dog and to quit asking me to take pictures of his many skateboard tricks do something else… and take care of his responsibilities, I suggested that he take his dog, Daisy, for a walk.


Meet Daisy Mae, who we nicknamed Gordita (little fatty).  Daisy is my youngest punks dog.  We rescued her from the dog shelter, DAWGS in Texas

All we know about Daisy is that she was dropped off at the shelter with a pup of hers and she wasn’t even a year old.  She stayed at the shelter for about 2 years before we adopted her. 

We have had Daisy for about a year and a half and she is very attached to my youngest punk.

Yes, he does shower her with treats.  How did you know?

Anyways, being the smart, multitasking son of mine that he is… my punk decided to take my advice and take Daisy for a walk. 


He rode, and she walked…


and sometimes ran and pulled him all over the neighborhood.

To be a responsible dog owner, he took her out the next day as well.  Upon seeing this, my oldest punk decided he would do the same with his dog, Cisco, as well. 

Only Cisco thinks he is a sled dog. 

Cisco has never been good on a leash.  Cisco feels it’s his civic duty to pull your arm out of it’s socket each time you try to take him for a walk.  Therefore, Cisco likes to pull my punk 100 mph on his rip stick.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Are you thinking this may not be a wise idea?

Are you thinking that this could yield an end result that may not be favorable?

Are you thinking that my oldest punk could quite possibly become one with the asphalt?


Ok, so it wasn’t the asphalt (thank the Lord).


I am sure that the neighbors who are missing a chuck of their grass are wondering what could have possibly happened.

Do you think we learned our lesson?

Nope.  Now my youngest punk, who feels the need for speed (name that movie line), decides to have a try.


He is hanging on for dear life, folks. 

Let me also say that Cisco is not a very focused dog. 

Cisco is easily distracted.

Cisco decided (while pulling my punk 100 mph), that he would like to run across the street.  Luckily, my youngest punk, with his cat-like reflexes, saw the millisecond notice that Cisco did not give, and jumped from  his skateboard in an all out run of his life… or for his life.  It was one or the other.

Do you think we learned our lesson now?

Um, no.

Here they both go again for the final ride of  the night.


No, it was not because I threatened to paddle them.

Yes, my oldest punk is 6 inches taller than me.  What are you trying to say?

Yes, they do take me seriously… and they are frightened.  Arghhhh!

Ok, so I’m not really that tough.  I told them I’d take them out for Thai food.


Yes, and a coke too! 

Food = power over here people!

I do what I can to get by.  Bribe, manipulate, stoop to all kinds of  levels of no good…

This is the way we roll when Ol’ Blue Eyes is out of town.  Lucky for me, he is back this week and ready to take over the mother ship once again.  Thank the Lord!