I made a bracelet

I know, this isn’t really exciting… and besides that, I have no idea how to make jewelry, but I wandered into the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby during a sale and decided to try my hand at it.


I wanted to make a bracelet that said “Brave Girl” because I’ve been doing the Soul Restoration Art Journaling Class over at Brave Girls Club.

Here’s what I did (and it could be all wrong, but it worked for me).

You’ll need a bezzel bracelet, Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, a craft knife, scissors, pen, rub on letters and some scrapbook paper.


Begin by cutting scrapbook paper to fit your bezzel. Use this as a template.


On the opposite side of your paper, draw the circles for you to cut out.


Cut out all circles.


Now grab a rub on letter for each bezzel.


Apply the rub ons.


Insert into bezzel.


Almost there!


Slowly apply Modge Podge Dimensional Magic. I got a few air bubbles, but I popped them with my craft knife.


Dimensional Magic looks cloudy when it is first applied, but no worries, it will dry clear.


Set aside your bracelet and let dry 24 hours.


Ta da!  Now you have a beautiful bracelet!

Next, wear the bracelet to the dentist’s office for your filling and remember that you are a brave girl. *sigh* I hate going to the dentist. Send me some good thoughts and prayers today, please!


Petal Pusher

Yes, it’s another Etsy find (I just can’t help myself)…


but you have to admit it’s a cute gift idea…


You can find these Petal Pushers plus many other cute handmade items over at The Pleated Poppy.


She’s has lots of colors.  I’d love to have a few more for myself.

Happy Shopping!

P.S.  Just like always, The Pleated Poppy has no idea who I am.  Just wanted to share with you!

Allora Handmade

I received a little package in the mail the other day.


It was wrapped so cute, so I thought I’d snap a few pictures and share with you!


It was this necklace that I had found in a cute little Etsy shop. 

You can order these necklaces in many different colors.  To check out her selection, you can go to her online shop where you’ll find earrings, headbands, bracelets and even shoe clips.

I realize I’m a sucker for jewelry, but check it out for yourself if you’d like a fun piece or want to give a unique gift!


Mom of punks with a really cute necklace

Please note:  Allora Handmade has no idea who I am.  I’m not affiliated with Allora Handmade.  I just wanted to share with you.  You know, girlfriend to girlfriend… or if you’re a guy, give you a heads up for a really cute gift for your special woman in your life.  The holidays are right around the corner!

Sorrelli Jewelry


Ok, so I have a confession to make.  I… Love… Jewelry!  Once in awhile I find something that I think is really special, so I thought I’d share this post for all my lady readers (sorry guys).  Attention Men:  Keep reading if you would like to buy your lady a special Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift,  Just because I love ya gift, (those are the best) etc. 

Every year, my brother and I usually try to meet up and have some type of joint family beach vacation.  Summer before last, we discovered a place called Watercolor, FL on the Gulf Coast.  It is gorgeous and dreamy and has beautiful white sand beaches.  We rented a beach house together and had so much fun.  This past summer, we went back again and we happened upon a boutique that sold Sorrelli Jewelry. 

Sorrelli Jewelry is owned by three sisters and they create their pieces out of Semi-Precious Stones and Austrian Crystals.  These are heirlooms meant to be handed down from generation to generation.  They are truly one of a kind pieces.

The necklace show above is called “Happy Birthday”.  It has bold, bright colors and is sparkly and beautiful!  Here’s a closer look.


We bought this one as a gift for my mom for her birthday in September and it looked absolutely beautiful on her.

Here is one that I bought.  It is called “Egg Shell.”


Egg Shell has a lot of cool tones of blues and light greens.  Here are the earrings I bought as well to go with the necklace so I could have the set.


Here’s a closer look at Egg Shell.  Just stunning!


Finally, this is the necklace that my Sis in Love got (and I recently ordered).  It’s called “Spring Rain.”


Spring Rain has lots of purple and pink and opalescent hues, in fact, I’m wearing this one today with a purple cardigan.  Here’s a closer look at those earrings.


And the necklace as well…


Simply sparkly and stunning!  You can find many retailers of Sorrelli Jewelry.  You will mostly find them in boutiques, or you can visit their website and find a retailer in your area.  I cannot express enough what one of a kind jewelry this is.  Men (if you’re still with me), your lady will love this!  Ladies, I promise you won’t be disappointed!