Colorful Vase/Mason Jar


What is a girl to do when she find Mason Jars on sale half price?


What is that same girl supposed to do when she’s inspired by the colors in the scarf she’s wearing?


Watch and learn…






And what is that girl supposed to do with this beautiful palette of paint?


Paint, of course!


This is a happy palette. Reminds me of Monet.


These are happy fingers.


Love my new vase!


Love my new art journal entry!


What’s inspiring you today?


An old board book into art

Hey, have I ever mentioned that I love art? I didn’t think so…


I recently went to the thrift store and bought a handful of old children’s board books.


Then I came home and put gesso all over it.


Then I decided to paint and decorate the background so I could make a pretty book.


Here I used some modeling paste and a doily to make a cute pattern and dimension.



Isn’t that so pretty!


Here’s alittle peek into my book. It’s My Promise Book, filled with a few promises I’ve made to myself.


I love upcycling things and taking trash to treasure. Especially when it’s meaningful.

I made a bracelet

I know, this isn’t really exciting… and besides that, I have no idea how to make jewelry, but I wandered into the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby during a sale and decided to try my hand at it.


I wanted to make a bracelet that said “Brave Girl” because I’ve been doing the Soul Restoration Art Journaling Class over at Brave Girls Club.

Here’s what I did (and it could be all wrong, but it worked for me).

You’ll need a bezzel bracelet, Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, a craft knife, scissors, pen, rub on letters and some scrapbook paper.


Begin by cutting scrapbook paper to fit your bezzel. Use this as a template.


On the opposite side of your paper, draw the circles for you to cut out.


Cut out all circles.


Now grab a rub on letter for each bezzel.


Apply the rub ons.


Insert into bezzel.


Almost there!


Slowly apply Modge Podge Dimensional Magic. I got a few air bubbles, but I popped them with my craft knife.


Dimensional Magic looks cloudy when it is first applied, but no worries, it will dry clear.


Set aside your bracelet and let dry 24 hours.


Ta da!  Now you have a beautiful bracelet!

Next, wear the bracelet to the dentist’s office for your filling and remember that you are a brave girl. *sigh* I hate going to the dentist. Send me some good thoughts and prayers today, please!

Easy Flower Arrangement


Another quick-easy-cheap decorating tip is to make your own flower arrangements.Store bought arrangements seem to be grossly overpriced and making your own could not be more simple. Here I bought a new container (this if half the battle), a small brick of foam that fit my container (you can buy bigger bricks and cut your own to fit, but this was easiest), and a bunch of flowers. I always look at the bunches of flowers because:
A. They are usually cheaper than the individuals.
B. I can usually find them half off or use a 40% off coupon on them.
C. They have different heights making them easy to arrange in a container.


First, cut your foam to fit your container. Mine fit snugly, but if yours doesn’t, and little dab of hot glue will keep it secure in your container.


Next, using wire cutters, cut all of the flowers off the bunch along with the leaves.


Begin by finding your longest flowers first.


I had three, so I place those like milk stool legs in my container. Before you stick any flowers in the foam, you can cover your foam with spanish moss, but I had plenty of leaves to cover the foam brick and knew I wasn’t going to need it.


Now begin to add more flowers and the leaves as filler. (Please excuse the messy desk reflected in the mirror. There’s creative genius happening in here. Creative genius = messy desk.)


And before long, you’ll have a quick, easy pop of color for your room!


Curtain Panel into Art

Yesterday, I showed you my new and improved bedroom. I like to decorate on the cheap, so I made the wall art that hangs above my bed. It was quick, easy and it brought the curtain pattern over to the wall which (in my opinion) glues the look all together. Here’s alittle tutorial if you are wanting to do something similar.

First, iron your extra panel to get all the wrinkles out. Then, lay your fabric out and smooth it straight.


In the canvas section, you can buy these wooden frames. They are sold for those who like to stretch their own canvas, but they are cheap (like $.99 – $3.99 each) and will make our frame for us. Plus they are mitered and have edges that are made to fit together snugly, making our frame building not only cheap, but easy.

Assemble your frame. I have a king size bed, so I bought 2-30 inch pieces and 2- 40 inch pieces.


Now cut our fabric on all sides about 2 inches from the frame. I use my (very dirty) self-healing mat and rotary cutter for this. It makes this quick and easy.


Done! Now I’m ready to stretch and staple!


Simply staple your fabric onto the frame. Corners are no problem if you think of it like wrapping a present.


Fold in your corner.


Staple top piece down first…


Then staple bottom angled piece up.


Be sure you are gently pulling the fabric taut when you are stapling the last two sides.


Easy, pretty and simple….


and beautiful above my bed.



I interrupt this crockpot recipe marathon to bring you some news from my nest.

My room used to be decorated in reds and browns. I was so tired of reds and browns. The medieval-like darkness was so tiring.


So I decided to freshen and awaken some things in my bedroom. Welcome Spring!


Happy colors! Yay! There were no curtains to go with them, but I found some I liked. Then I bought one extra so I’d have fabric to make pillows and what-nots. My what-not ended up being wall art to hang above my bed (tutorial coming soon).


I also needed my curtains to be a bit longer, so I added some trim and fabric to the bottom of the curtain.

I love the way they turned out!


Now I’m off to make pillows for the bed! I love nesting.

How to create a watermark brush

A few months ago I was playing around in Photoshop Elements and finally figured out how to make a watermark brush.

First let me say that I do not know as much as I’d like to know about Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom; however, I have all of them.  Call me crazy.

Here’s a tutorial for you if you’d like to create a watermark brush for your images. The fact that I’m posting a tutorial for Photoshop Elements is in itself… comical, but if you like confusing entertainment, then proceed in reading this post.

I am using Photoshop Elements 8.

First, open Photoshop Elements Editor.  Go to File/New/Blank File or Ctrl +N.


You will get a screen that looks like this.


Name your file and make sure your background content is set to transparent.  I used this pixel size, but really you can use any size because you will be adjusting the size to fit your needs.

Now click your horizontal type tool.


Click onto your image and you will see a dot.  If you click Alt on your keyboard and while holding down the Alt key type in 0169 on your keyboard keypad.  This will create the copyright mark ©.


Next, select your font and font color and type in what you want your brush to say.


Save your file.

Now, to make a brush, go to Edit/Define Brush/ and rename your brush to say copyright, or watermark.



Now, open an image that you would like to watermark.


Select the brush tool (note, you are under the Create tab to the right of your screen).


Then select your brush you just made.  You can change the color of your brush and adjust the opacity to whatever you like.


Give your image a stamp with your newly created brush.

I like to save my files in the psd format and then again in the jpg format so that I have both.


And, since this is my first tutorial, please don’t hate me if I’ve just confused you.  Eat some chocolate and you will feel better.

Good Luck!