Duck hunters can’t beat the view

It begins before dawn. They make their way to the lake which is about an hour away. They put the decoys out on the water and settle in where they can’t be seen.

My oldest digs a hole with a large rock and makes himself a table for his coffee before he settles into the blind. His coffee is in Papa’s thermos. They share.


Make no mistake, hunting is about the game, but it’s also about bonding and memories. He snaps this with his cellphone.  A silhouette of my dad that tells the story of before dawn with decoys out on the water and ready for sunrise.


Which is always a spectacular show, especially out on the lake.



Happy Birds


On the first day of pheasant hunting, Ol’ Blue Eyes and my dad were invited out for a classy hunt at the Patching Ranch hosted by my dad’s friend Sam. (The pink hat is mine.  It’s my photographer hat.  Ol’ Blue Eyes hat is bright orange camo.)


Sam is a one of a kind man and a perfect host.


My punks and I showed up about 11:30 am.  Sam had told my dad there would be a campfire cooked chicken fried steak lunch with all the fixings.  We thought we’d help him eat all that food.  We’re nice like that.


Sam is on the right.


The men still had a bit of hunting to do, and that gave me the opportunity to take some pictures.  My first pit stop was the most important building on the ranch.  Very important.


Here’s a few shots from around the ranch.







The men finished up hunting the section of land they were on, and it was time to eat.  I’ll give you one guess as to who was the first in line…..


That would be my youngest punk.  The food was so good and we made some new friends.  Everyone had great time.


(Random fact)  My punks decided to name this bull Ferdinand…


and play on the rope swing…


and get wet (even though I told them not to).


There was plenty of room to run…


great conversations to be had…


and plenty of birds caught.


We had a wonderful time all because of a wonderful man who we think a whole lot of.

Thanks Mr. Sam!


Just three ducks


If you read my post the other day, Punk time with Papa, then you know my oldest punk got to go hunting with Papa while my youngest punk had to go to school.

Well, Papa and his young buck (that’s what my dad calls both my punks) only got three ducks that day; however, that is much better than coming home empty handed (and getting skunked).

As a side note, you should know I love hunting pictures and will post them often.  I love seeing all generations enjoying this sport TOGETHER.  It warms my heart.


Mom of a young buck who got two ducks

No ducks

Ol’ Blue Eyes and our punks arose at 4 am and left by 4:30 to head to Lake Meredith to go duck hunting this morning.


Ol’ Blue Eyes knows that there are certain things that make me very happy…


and taking pictures for me is one of them.

The guys couldn’t believe how low the lake has gotten.  It is really sad.


My punks found 3 anchors, empty bottles and even a pair of dentures.


My oldest punk helps his Papa (my dad) put out the decoys.


Right as they put the decoys out, these come in and land.  There was not enough time for them to get into the blind they made out of tumble weeds (darn it).

These were the only ducks they saw all morning.  They came home empty handed (darn it again).

Luckily for them, I had a great dinner bubbling in the crockpot.  Food always makes defeat better.  It just does.


Don’t worry, I’ll be nice and share the recipe (that is oh, so easy) with you.  It’s called Busy Day Beef (coming soon).

Now my punks are killing carving their pumpkins.


The mess.  Ugh.  The mess.  I’m thinking I’m needing a pumpkin spice latte now.

Hunting for Dove

I love this picture of my punks and Ol’ Blue Eyes. 
I love seeing their silhouettes across the big Texas sky and the setting sun.
I love that my dad took this while they were on the Memorial Hunt. 
I love that right after this picture was taken, they enjoyed a campfire, and (for the first time) my punks could hear coyotes circling the campfire as they howled and got closer.
I love that they got to all share a story of their friend and have a time of remembering.
I love knowing that there are still people who will stop and remember old friends and host a day of hunting at their ranch,
and I love this picture of my punks and Ol’ Blue Eyes.