My parenting philosophy

Just like you, I love my kids. And just like me, they are not perfect. And just like me, they have have those things about their personalities that can drive anyone crazy. But a long time ago, I decided that instead of squelching the things that irritated me, I would realize that God put those qualities in my kids for a reason and that quite possibly that reason would help them achieve their story or their purpose. I am tired of conformity. You know why? Because I’ve never felt comfortable conforming. I’m a creative… and truth be told… we really don’t conform… and that’s ok. You know what else? Deep down, I think EVERYONE is creative and when we stifle that we get very unhappy and make some stupid choices. So, revel in who you are. Revel in who your kids are and remember, they have a purpose and an imagination and a story all their own that may look very different than what you have in mind and that just may be ok. Actually, it will have to be ok, because with or without your consent, they will walk into their own free will and choose their path, just like you did. And you know what? You turned out just fine, didn’t you?