Prom 2012

Saturday night I had the most fun at a Prom photo shoot with my oldest punk and his incredible friends. These kids are just too much fun, and that made for an awesome time, awesome pictures and awesome memories.


This is my oldest punk…


and these are his fun friends.


Saturday morning I woke up knowing I wanted to make this fun so I downloaded a few photo booth props from Oh Happy Day and Accent the Party.IMG_3684


But it wasn’t until I walked into my oldest bedroom and saw his Iron Man t-shirt sitting on his bed that the very best idea hit me right between the eyes.


I’ve seen pictures of groomsmen doing this before and it all flashed through my head in an instant. I bounced the idea off my punk, he called his friends and we all couldn’t wait. Who wouldn’t want to be having this kind of fun? Seriously?


But, what fun would a photo shoot be without a little brother photo bomber? (Say hello to my youngest punk.)





As a final photo, I had to capture them in the elevator headed up to the Amarillo Club. Let the fun begin!!!



Yard work, Frogs, and Photoshop Brushes


It’s a busy week over here with my punks.  It’s the last week of school, and they are so ready for summer.  As I’m headed out the door to my youngest punks awards, I had to share this picture of my oldest.  He was mowing and found 2 frogs in our yard.  He’s 14, and watching him run around the yard to catch them I was time warped back 10 years ago.  Where is the time going? (*insert panic attack*)

In other news, I have learned how to create a brush in Photoshop… with my very limited, elementary Photoshopping skills… and I’m really proud of myself…

Now, out the door I go… and I cannot believe that after today, these punks are now in Jr. High and High School.

What in the world???  This just seems crazy to me!