This beautiful young woman is going to be in the outdoor musical drama Texas down in Palo Duro Canyon this summer, so we thought there was no better place to do her photo shoot than down in the Canyon itself. So to the girl who named her dog Elfie… I hope you Defy Gravity this summer! You are beautiful and you rock!

Punk Photography

Punk Photography

Punk Photography

Punk Photography

Punk Photography

Punk Photography




This was the view out my back door last night.

What a wonder the sunrise and sunset is to me every time I witness them. Admittedly, I watch more sunsets than sunrises. I’m just being honest here.

Sunrise springs forth hope and says to me: “Today is the today!” “You have another chance!” “All is new and waiting for you today!””Today is a gift.””Go get it!”

Sunset tells me: “You did it.” “You overcame.” “You made it.” “You can rest now.””Time to exhale.”

Those are truly my very favorite times of the day, and though I live where it’s flat, windy, dry and barren… you can’t beat our sunsets around here.

Punks Just Want to Have Fun


It’s Spring Break and these punks are looking for something to do because…


this fella came to town.

It started as a dinner and movie night with friends, but they got bored. That’s when I suggested this. You read that right. (I went out of my mind for a moment and) I suggested this.


Of course they were loading into my truck before I could say “Cadillac Ranch.”


I may mention here that these pictures may contain foul language spray painted on the cars, but it is not my fault.  I may also mention here that my beloved just left the house while I’m typing this post and he took my Diet Dr. Pepper with him. A man should never mess with a woman’s Diet Dr. Pepper.

Moving on… things were alittle crazy…


and alittle fumy. I just realized fumy is a word.


I may also mention here that they ate my stash of Blow-Pops in my truck. It’s a good thing I kinda like all of them.


My punk… he climbed. See that red paint behind him? He brought that home on his pants. Wasn’t that thoughtful?


He’s a diligent little Picasso.


There were a few cans of spray paint out there. We brought our own, but if you ever stop at this tourist attraction off of I-40, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll probably find a few cans laying around. Just a few.


These punks… they make me smile.




They call themselves “The Crew.” I call them “The Big Bang Theory in Amarillo.” They don’t think I’m funny. Personally, I thought I was a tad on the brilliant side, but whatever.


Besides, Moms just want to have too.


Tex Randall


Meet the “Biggest Texan in Texas,” Tex Randall.  Tex Randall is a roadside attraction around these parts.  He is in Canyon, Texas and is 47 feet tall and weighs seven tons.  Built in 1959 he can withstand 100mph winds (which is very much needed in the spring around here).  You can read more about Tex here.

He’s looking awfully shabby lately.  Plans are underway to preserve Tex, as seen by the sign below his foot.

So, while Amarillo has the Cadillacs buried in the ground, you can travel 15-20 miles South and see Ol’ Tex Randall as well.  He is located at N. 3rd Ave., Canyon, TX.

West side of town. Just south of US 60/Hereford Hwy, and just west of N. 15th St., on the southeast corner of N. 3rd Ave. and N. 14th St.

Talk about a tall glass of water….