A Birthday


Someone had a birthday this month, but I daresent tell you who.

I daresent tell you that he requested an Iron Man birthday cake, or that all he wants for his birthday is Mustang parts to try to put Humpty back together again.


But I would tell you that he’s a really good dad and husband and that I still love him despite the fact that he’s rooting for Miami right now. (Go Thunder!)


So Happy Birthday dear person I daresent tell you whose birthday it was!

Woman who is really good at keeping secrets

The Testosterone Network

Surely this happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime.


Our Saturday started out like any other Saturday.

We slept in.  We drank coffee.  We decided to infinitely stay in our pj’s.

Ol’ Blue Eyes crawled back in bed for the third time to laze around and…

I said:  “Remember, we are going to put the Christmas decorations up today.”

He said:  “But we have to clean up the attic just to get to the decorations.

I said:  “I know, but it must be done.”

He said nothing.  Then moans of agony came from my living room and…

My youngest punk said:  “No mom!  You said the evil words!  CLEAN THE ATTIC!!!”  (He also says this when I tell him to get a shower.)

I said to Ol’ Blue eyes:  “You all conspire against me.”

He said:  “Yes dear, I telepathically hit the testosterone network around here to speak with my minions.”

I said:  “I am certain that you do.” and walked out of the room.

Then I heard banging and sliding around in the attic and I was pleased as punch that we were going to get our decorations up.  I began to blog and live life in a merry way.

Then I saw a foot come through my ceiling and insulation fall all over the floor.


Here’s the bad news:

I have a hole in my ceiling.


Here’s the good news:

Ol’ Blue Eyes wasn’t seriously hurt and holes in your ceiling can be fixed. As an added bonus, Ol’ Blue Eyes knows how to fix holes in our ceiling.


IMG_7600_edited-1 copy

This is what his minions are doing while he is patching the ceiling.





So I thought it only appropriate to ask him… “Aren’t you going to hit the testosterone network and telepathically tell your minions to help you fix the ceiling?”

IMG_7586_edited-1 copy

We didn’t get our Christmas decorations up Saturday.

Pheasant Hunt

pheasant hunt 2010

My dad just returned from a pheasant hunt in South Dakota.  He is in the middle of this picture, and my brother is to the left (my dad’s right) and my dad’s younger brother next to him (my brother).  I am related all (but I think 2) of these handsome men.  They came from Ohio, my brother from North Carolina, and my dad from Texas for this family hunt.

I think that’s about the coolest thing, ever.

Dad brought home a lot of pheasant, and for Thanksgiving day, he fried some up after he fried our turkey.

It.  Was.  Delicious.

In a few weeks, Ol’ Blue Eyes and my dad are headed back to the Patching Ranch in Happy, Texas for a pheasant hunt.

Here’s to hoping Ol’ Blue Eyes comes home with his limit (crossing fingers).

5 Things

1.  Preacher man has been talking about planting seeds and I got inspired to translate that into my art this week.


2.  Ol’ Blue Eyes has me runnin around like a crazy lady this week and it has something to do with this picture,


but I can’t say anything else about it right now (it’s not public news yet).  But for the record, if you see me looking wide-eyed, you now know it’s not my fault.

3.  I took this picture in the canyon this week and thought it was beautiful but I wish it was sharper (darn it).


4.  This is from my oldest punks birthday lunch.  I don’t think I need to explain this, so here it is.

james n matthew_edited-1

5.  If Ol’ Blue Eyes had his way, he wouldn’t want me to tell you this, so don’t tell him I told you.  But, we are headed at 4pm to get Ol’ Blue Eyes his Botox injection in his vocal chords.  We’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers, as it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s not the best either.  Besides that, I love that man and I hate to see him deal with this affliction, but this is life and life isn’t always perfect (darn it).


I love you Ol’ Blue Eyes!  You may lose your voice, but you won’t lose me.  I’m yours forever and ever, Amen.

All Hallows Eve

We had an amazing evening Halloween night.  Ol’ Blue Eyes LOVES Halloween. It’s his favorite holiday and he LOVES to dress up. He’s been known to scare his friends as Freddy Kreuger, be adorable as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, or loveable Gomez from the Addams Family.  As wicked as he looked this year, you will have to wait for the reveal so I can start at the beginning with our oldest punk. 

He wanted to be Sir William Wallace, and yes, we watched Braveheart. 

Yes, I made his costume.  It seems you can’t really find a kilt in the Texas panhandle.

IMG_8426_edited-1 copy

Our youngest punk wanted to spend his evening popping out everywhere and doing more tricking than treating.  He went as Jason.

IMG_8434 copy

This is the only type of image I could get of him.  He just kept running at me (and knocking me over), and trying to scare me every time I tried to take his picture.  If it wasn’t that, then he was getting as close as possible to my camera for the full creepy effect.

IMG_8436 copy

And now for  the reveal of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Warning:  The image you are about to see is only for those with strong constitutions.

You still have time to turn back and read no further.

Are you sure you want to do this? 

Do you know that images can be seared into one’s brain, forever?

You’re running out of time…..

IMG_8509_edited-1 copy_edited-1

Hello?  Are you still there?  Hello?

Scary fact #1  Ol’ Blue Eyes quickly embraced being called Gene all night.

Scary fact #2  Ol’ Blue Eyes made this gesture all evening long or…

Scary fact #3  Ol’ Blue eyes stuck out his tongue all evening.

Scary fact #4  Ol’ Blue Eyes LOVED his wig (heaven help me).

Scary fact #5  Ol’ Blue Eyes talked me into participating in the charade with him.

Warning:  Proceed with caution.

IMG_8445_edited-1 copy


Did you hear that?  I think I just lost my readership to this blog. 

Scary fact #6  When you wear white makeup on your face, it pronounces the fact that your teeth aren’t white.  Ugh.

Scary fact #7  Ol’ Blue Eyes loved his tattoo sleeves (oh goodness).

Scary fact #8  Ol’ Blue Eyes can fold his tongue in half and demonstrated this to our friends… and yes, they are still our friends.

Last year, Ol’ Blue Eyes had the genius idea to rent a golf cart for the evening.  It was a big hit, so this year our neighbor rented the golf cart.  My sweet neighbor’s daughter went as a Whoopie Cushion.  Here she is with my youngest punk.

IMG_8459 copy_edited-1

And don’t you know my neighbor was thrilled to have this front seat passenger with him?

IMG_8458 copy_edited-1

Sorry Vernon.

Anyways, we all had a great time. 

Scary fact #9  My oldest punk spoke with a Scottish accent all night, and had a hard time speaking normal again.

IMG_8474 copy_edited-1

People refused to give my youngest punk candy unless he removed his mask.  He was not happy about this, but complied because he wanted their candy.  It really worked out fine.  He made more friends that way.  See the guy with the yellow teeth (just like mine)?


Wondering what is coming up the walk?  Aliens… with no bag of candy in their hands…and they followed us too… maybe he was real!  Ahhhh!


We had a fun, late, sugar coma filled evening and got many treats (that we can’t quit eating). 

IMG_8514_edited-1 copy

Today, we are back to reality (grrrr).  Kids at school.  Ol’ Blue Eyes back to work.  Me back to editing pictures and blogging… oh yeah, and working from home.  Which brings me to this…

Scary fact #10  I miss Halloween.  Can we do that again?

Up to no good cont’d


So last night, I left you with this photo of my punks and I’m sure you are wondering what in the world is going on!  Well, I’m just having a good ol time over here, because Mr. Officer was playin around and givin my punks a good time.  We were actually getting ready to mosey our way down the road in the WTAMU Homecoming Parade in Ol’ Blue Eyes Mustang (Humpty).  As a side note, Ol’ Blue Eyes rejects the name Humpty and says his Mustang should be a woman’s name, like Eleanor.  I think he’s lost his mind.  Eleanor? 

So here are a few shots of Humpty (because we put him back together again) in all his splendor for the homecoming parade.




How are you liking the “no paintjob,” the “tough, primer gray” going on?  Arghhhh!


My punks walked alongside of Humpty to throw candy while I was lazy smart, and rode in the car. 

We got to follow behind these wise guys…


They are not very particular of where they decide to raise their tail…


and yes, my oldest punk (aka: Thing One) did step in it… and the crowd gave a big moan… to which he quickly said, “kids, don’t do as I do (doo).”  ha ha!  Quick thinker!

My youngest punk got to see his music teacher and give her some candy.  No, this is not considered brownnosing.  It’s just not cause I said it’s not.  The end.


And I love how folks, young and old come out to the parade. (This is a big deal in these parts y’all.  Just sayin…)


I got to see some of my friends… (who I met separately and just found out they are sisters… Crazy!)


And another friend who just had their first grandbaby this year… (isn’t she sweet)


And many more friends that were on the other side of the road that I couldn’t get pictures of.   As we reached the end of the parade, we ran out of candy, and I felt so bad for these boys… these “end of the parade where there is no candy left boys.”


If I knew how to find them, I’d tell them that I would make them a very special goodie bag for Halloween and they could come and get it.  Poor guys! 

Then we headed to the “Fair on the Square” and ate corn dogs, curly potato chips, slurped our drinks and shopped around the various vendor booths.  A band was playing on the square, and this lady was shaking her groove thing. I may have shook my groove thing too.  Ok, I did.

IMG_7780_edited-1     IMG_7781_edited-1     IMG_7782_edited-1

Kids with their faces painted all over the square make for such a fun atmosphere  (although she doesn’t look like she’s having very much fun).


We had a good time and left with no candy, and we were tired.  Having this much of a good time is exhausting folks!


But I’m blessed and lucky because I get to go home with this dude… and those punks… and simply put… I just love them all so much.


But there was one more thing that I wanted to take home with me that day, but he wasn’t for sale (and I was a bit sad).  What do you think?  Don’t you think he’d fit right in around here? 


I thought so too.

Ol’ Blue Eyes has lost his mind


I just needed to tell someone…


Ol’ Blue Eyes has lost his mind.  Have I mentioned that he’s never painted a car before?


He’s even persuaded my youngest punk to lose his mind too (my poor baby).


There he is, right along side of Ol’ Blue Eyes, sanding away (poor kid has no idea his daddy just lost his mind).


What am I going to do?


I’m sorry, what were we talking about?  Pumpkin Spice Latte’s from Starbucks?  Yes, I will have one, thank you.  Yes, Venti please.  Mmmmmm…